Systematic position of Family Asteraceae

Systematic position of Family Asteraceae

Division: Phanerogams: Seed bearing plants.

Subdivision: Angiospermae: Ovules enclosed in ovary. Seeds enclosed in fruit.

Class: Dicotyledonae: Tap root system, branched stem, reticulate venation in leaves, tetra or pentamerous symmetry of flower, seeds with two cotyledons, vascular bundles open and arranged in ring.

Subclass: Gamopetalous: Calyx, corolla differentiated.Corolla gamopetalous. Stamens epipetalous.

Series: Inferae: Flowers epigynous, ovary inferior, bicarpellary syncarpous.

Order: Asterales: Head inflorescence.Actinomorphic and zygomorphic flowers.Ovary unilocular, single ovules on basal placentation.

Family: Asteraceae: Inflorescence capitulum, ray floret ligulate and disc florets tubular, calyx hairy, pappus; anther lobes syngenesious; stigma bifid; fruit is a cypsela.


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